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On the 27th and 28th of  June, the TERRA project held a working conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

About 50 representatives from key fields related to radicalisation and de-radicalisation - policy makers, academics and front liners, such as policemen and -women, teachers, social workers, victims of terrorism, former radicals and religious leaders, exchanged their knowledge and experiences and discussed the several aspects of this problem they were confronted with.

 Magda Rooze, the project leader of TERRA, opened the meeting and welcomed the participants to a program of two days filled with discussions in working groups, varied by presentations by key speakers. In between there was  room for networking and exchange of experiences. The participants were presented with the ‘staircase’ model of Professor Moghaddam, along with unique insights into terrorism and radicalisation from people whose lives have been touched by it.

The working groups

The working groups discussed the following issues:

If you want to read more on the results of these working groups, just click on each working group for its conclusions/results. 

Key speakers

 Key speakers were Professor Moghaddam, the author of the ‘staircase’ model, Mrs. Jo Berry and Dr. Patrick Magee who told their personal story of an unlikely friendship, Stephen Travers representing the voice of victims,  Maajid Nawaz co-founder and chairman of the Quilliam Foundation and author of the 2012 book Radical

If you want to read more on these topics and the input by the participants, click here


During and after the conference we asked some participants to their involvement with / expertise on the subject. To read these interviews just click here.

Needs assessment 

All participants were asked to fill in the needs assessment, through which they could express their wishes and ideas around the subject of radicalisation in the context of their work, and the format and lay-out of tools needed to prevent (young) people from climbing the staircase to terrorism.

Do you want to share your expertise/best practices/suggestions with us? Please click here to fill in the needs assessment form and return it to Barbara de Groot

Conclusion by Magda Rooze:     

Looking back on the TERRA conference in Amsterdam we feel very happy and very honored that 50 experts from all over Europe, and Professor Moghaddam from the United States, took the time and the effort to travel to Amsterdam,  we have highly appreciated that they were willing to give their expertise in the search for answers to the very complex issue of radicalisation and de-radicalisation.

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