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TERRA’s end conference

On the 23rd and 24th of June, TERRA rounded off it’s second project with an international conference in Amsterdam. We were delighted to welcome delegates from all over Europe and beyond to hear presentations which centered around the three pillars of TERRA II – Train the trainers, Evidence based policy advice and the Universal Curriculum Against Radicalisation in Europe (UCARE) citizenship curriculum.

Project leader Magda Rooze opened the conference with a word of welcome, and then Karolina Dam, joining us from Denmark, shared the moving testimony of how her son Lukas was killed in Syria, having joined IS.

Presentations on the UCARE curriculum, the Train the trainers and the Evidence based policy advice were chaired by members of our advisory board, Maajid Nawaz, Professor Fathali Moghaddam and the Rt. Hon. Hazel Blears and delivered by Dr. Marcin Sklad of the University College Roosevelt and Haras Rafiq and Jonathan Russell of the Quilliam Foundation.

The final products of these three pillars will shortly be available on our website, www.terratoolkit.eu.

Four former radicals, Søren Lerche, formerly a member of an extreme left wing group, Adam Deen, formerly a senior member of Al Muhajiroun, Johny Petersen and Thomas Runge, both once members of extreme right wing groups in Denmark, were interviewed about their experiences in joining and leaving these extreme groups by Maajid Nawaz, himself a former member of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

On the second day, we were delighted to receive two members of the Kofi Annan Young Leaders program, Bjørn Ihler and Fatima Zaman, who presented in a panel chaired by a member of the TERRA Advisory Board Lorenzo Vidino. They were also joined by members of the European Youth Parliament to lead discussion sessions in the workshop on Evidence based policy advice. Participants were also able to participate in sessions on the Train the trainers, in which they received a taster of the training sessions, and on the UCARE curriculum.

The whole TERRA team would once again like to thank all speakers and participants who joined us in Amsterdam for these two days and made our final event so successful. 


 Seminar in Denmark


On behalf of our fellow organisers at Grundvigs Hojskole in Hillerod, Denmark, we are delighted to be able to invite you to join us at a seminar there on the 19th and 20th of September. It is entitled Youth Crime, Gang Crime and Extremism.

Leading experts from Denmark, Norway, England, The Netherlands and the United States will be presenting and the seminar is now enrolling. For a full program, and to enroll, please see this link:http://www.grundtvigs.dk/seminar-om-bandekriminalitet-og-ekstremisme. If you live outside Denmark, and refer to TERRA in your enrolment, you will receive a 25% discount.

 Location: Grundtvigs School

Date: 19th - 21st September 2016

A collaboration between: Research Programme (Dis)engaging Children and Young People (Aarhus University), Families Against Terrorism and Extremism (FATE), TERRA (EU) and serve2unite (USA).

 Please feel free to share this invitation amongst your colleagues and wider network.

 We expect 100-150 participants from Denmark and abroad.

 Should you have any questions about this seminar, please contact Soren Lerche at sorenlerche@gmail.com


Rounding off TERRA II

The final products of the TERRA II project will shortly be available online! Have a look at our website www.terratoolkit.eu for the latest developments.

Under TERRA II, a number of exciting new developments have taken place. The TERRA toolkit has been made into a Train the trainers curriculum. In the UK, almost 200 front line workers have been trained in the content of the toolkit in this way, in the Netherlands 40, and in Spain 45.


The UCARE curriculum has been developed and implemented in several schools in The Netherlands. In it, pupils are encouraged to think about the concept of positive citizenship and the role they can play in building a fair, cooperative and inclusive society.


The Evidence based policy advice, which the TERRA project makes available to policy makers throughout Europe, describes both the most recent developments in the current academic literature on the topic of radicalisation, and some current good practices which are helping to tackle radicalisation in Europe at the moment. In doing so, it offers advice which is based on a solid scientific foundation.


In September, you will be able to download the TERRA train the trainers manual in English and the power points in English, Dutch and Spanish. The UCARE citizenship curriculum and the TERRA Evidence based policy advice will also be available on our website, free of charge. 


At our conference in June we were able to present these developments to an international audience, where they were well received and where a platform for new discussions and new developments was made.


The TERRA project is now closed, but our team remains involved with the subject matter of radicalisation, and there are some exciting new leads for new projects and activities. We are proud to be able to close TERRA on such a high note, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support of our work through the years. We will be in touch to keep you informed of our new projects and activities!

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