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Welcome to TerRa Newsletter.
TerRa Newsletter informs subscribers of our goals, achievements, activities, and of news of our expert and nets members.
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What is terra?

TerRa is a European network-based prevention and learning programme Terra is a European project supported by the European Commission DG Home Affairs. Objective of TERRA is to reinforce the positive role victims and (former) terrorists can play in relation to prevention of radicalization and to provide practical guidance to specific target groups. Target groups and beneficiaries are victims, (potential) terrorists, EU member states and frontline-workers in the field of law-enforcement, rehabilitation, teaching, welfare and social work. TERRA stimulates knowledge synthesis and exchange throughout the European Union, between groups and between member states. The project builts on the work of the Network of Victims of Terrorism (NAVT) and is complementary and provides input for the Radicalization Awareness Network (RAN) as a 'network of networks'.

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Who we are?

Partners in the project are Impact, Dutch knowledge and advice centre for post-disaster psychosocial care, partner in Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group, The Netherlands and The Network of Associations of Victims of Terrrorism (NAVT) and the Association of Aid to Victims of March 11th Spain.

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What we do?

A broad platform will be realized to exchange available materials, lessons and experiences between all member states, and to provide practical tools, advice and policy input to all the involved stakeholders. Tasks:

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Welcome to our site:


You will find all the information concerned to our aims, activities, and achievements there and all the news of our nets members and experts ones.

NAVT Conference at The Hague

Magda Rooze participated in the NAVT Congress in The Hague to officially present the TERRA project. The TERRA director shared the panel on European Projects on Radicalisation and Victims of Terrorism with Maarten van de Donk, head of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN).

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