Consultation in Denmark

Consultation in Denmark

TERRA’s researchers have completed a first draft of a series of tools for front line workers who come into contact with groups or individuals who may be at risk of radicalising.

Eight folders, containing advice for policy makers at local and national level, police officers, prison and parole or probation workers, teachers and other youth workers, journalists and religious leaders have been produced, along with an introductory document which presents Moghaddam’s Staircase to Terrorism model and TERRA’s community approach as a way of tackling it. 

These tools are now ready to be piloted and TERRA’s research team travelled to Denmark for a series of consultations with representatives of these front line groups.

Representatives from Grundtvigs Hojskole, Police and Intelligence Services, Ministry of Social Affairs, Department for Vulnerable Youth and Integration, and social workers joined us for consultation, along with several former extremists from both political and religious backgrounds. We gained some extremely valuable input for a further draft of our tools. They were very well received, and felt to be highly relevant both to the target group and the subject. All participants fully supported our documents, and some felt that they should be yet further refined to meet the needs of practitioners, which was exactly the feedback we were looking for, and precisely the purpose of consulting with this group of front liners. 

TERRA would like to thank all of those who took part in our consultations. Further consultations are planned in the coming weeks, and following their conclusions the tools will be adjusted.