March 11th 2015: European Day on Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism

March 11th 2015: European Day on Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism

Several acts and tributes held to commemorate a date that shocked all of Spanish and European society.

On  occasion  of  the  11th  anniversary  of  the  Madrid  bombings  of  March  11th,  2004,  the  Association  of  Aid  to  Victims  of  March  11th  (AAV11M)  performed  different  actions  and  events in which we found the involvement of the entire Spanish society. In  this  11th  anniversary  we used  the  hashtag #11M11,  to  follow  up  on  social  networks samples of love and support from the Spanish society.

Virtual Tribute on Social Media

To mark the 11th anniversary of March 11th, the Association to Aid of Victims of March 11th activated the virtual platform tribute to the victims of 11M. This platform collected all  messages, photos and videos containing the hashtag # 11M11 with videos from users that wanted  to  make their  particular  tribute in  the  major  social  networks:  Twitter,  Facebook,  Instagram, flickr, google plus and vine, from the 9th to the March 13. This platform was open during these days on our site .


Documentation Center 11M

On  Tuesday  March  10,  our president Mrs. Angeles  Dominguez presented  the  Documentation Centre 11M -an initiative of the Association of Aid to Victims of March  11th at the press conference of the  presentation of the book LIFE ON A TRIP: A LOOK AT 11M who’s  author is Mr. Jose A. Garrido. The CD11M has  been created  with  the  aim  to  collect,  preserve  and make available  the  documentary, artistic and the research generated after the attacks. Being a great tool for the disseminating of information, we are incorporating the various terrorist attacks in the world  and international publications to facilitate interest, access, study and consultation of all these  works by the Spanish and international society. All registered CD11M publications are available both in our headquarters and in the digital platform .


El Silencio del Adiós – song

The  same  day  of March  11th 2015 started the digital sale of the theme  'The  Silence  of  goodbye',  composed  and performed by Nivaria Rock, which has had the participation of Andi Deris and Sascha Gerstner (Helloween)  and STEFAN  SCHAWARZMANN  (ACCEPT) and the  benefits that  the  song  will generate will go to the Association for Victim Assistance 11M (AAV11M)

Nivaria Rock is a charity project that begins to emerge days after of March 11th 2004 attacks.

During a meeting of the Collective of canarian Rock, the artists, shocked by the terrible attack, make their special tribute to victims creating this song selflessly. In that same year the theme base of the song is composed with the participation of musicians  from different Canary bands also international stars like ANDI DERIS, been the first time singing in Spanish; Sascha Gerstner, making the final guitar solo on topic and Stefan Schwarzmann in charge of the percussion.

El  silencio  del  Adios, is available  from March 11th in the  main  digital  platforms (iTunes,  Amazon,  Spotify,  Deezer...).  Download  song  from  11M  in: