The EU TERRA working conference

The EU TERRA working conference

The first conference for Terra held in Amsterdam brings together numerous actors of different nationalities with the aim to reach an agreement about good practice concerning de-radicalisation

Magda Rooze, the project leader, opened the work sessions by highlighting the importance of the participation and interest of the opinions of those invited together with the reading material used by Terra.

The first intervention was made by Professor Fathali Moghaddam. His talk, “The staircase to terrorism”, developed the steps that are taken from a normal situation to radicalisation and the use of violence. The model provided by Moghaddam acts as a starting point for the project investigators at Terra in order to identify effective interventions for de-radicalisation in the different phases.

Jo Berry and Pat Magee were invited for the next presentation, “The power of Empathy, a personal story of an unlikely friendship”. Magee, an ex-IRA terrorist and the person responsible for the bomb that killed Jo Berry’s father, shared his personal experiences as a member of a terrorist group with those present. For their part, Jo Berry explained what had happened to have become involved in these events and participating in conferences with Magee. 

The work plan was based on 5 working groups; “Staircase to terrorism – Risk assessment and screening”, “Types of terrorists and the new types of terrorists through globalization processes”, “De-radicalisation and disengagement – exit from terrorism”, “Evaluating Counterterrorism Performance – Effective interventions and best practices” and “The voices of the victims – Education and campaigning”. The methodology chosen in the working groups allowed a great participation, with questions and answers and under the supervision of teachers and academic experts of recognised prestige in different subject matters. These persons, in addition, would subsequently put forth the conclusions reached on their tables to the rest of the groups in the last sessions of the conference. 

But before bringing the conference to an end, the participants made the most of the opportunity to listen to the talks of Mr. Stephen Travers (“The voice of the victims”) and Mr Maajid Nawaz (“The need for a 21st century attitude towards an agenda for countering terrorism”).

Here you will find the presentations